Millaisia kirjoja personal trainereiden kannattaisi lukea? Mistä kirjoista on hyötyä? Totta kai tutkimuksiin nojaavat kirjat ovat ehdottomia, mutta jos ajatellaan itse tuottavaa pt-liiketoimintaa ja asiakkaiden tuloksellista koutsaamista, on kokemuksen kautta haalittu ja koottu tieto arvokasta.

Kjartan Kelly, “The One And Only Nordic Scot”, antaa ultimaattiset lukusuositukset sinulle tässä blogikirjoituksessaan.

Lets’s dive in!


A few books all trainers can benefit from reading.

Lets start off with a bit of straight talk… official qualifications look good on paper, but when it comes to actually training your clients and building your business, experience is the golden ticket. What if you don’t have that experience? Then learn from those who have it.

“When it comes to actually training your clients and building your business, experience is the golden ticket.”

“Kun puhutaan itse personal trainer asiakkaiden valmentamisesta ja bisneksen kehittämisestä, on kokemus kullan arvoista.”

Successful trainers, coaches and business people who really know their subject are out there putting it to use, changing peoples lives, helping others and making a comfortable, well earned living from doing so.  That’s what we want to be.

A number of these people have found a way to help others and, it must be said profit, from that well developed knowledge by processing and formatting it into one of human kinds greatest inventions: Books.

These are the people to learn from.



1) Strength training anatomy  by Frederic Delavier

This book is probably among the most valuable you can own and reference. You may think you know a lot about exercise. But the minute you think you know it all, you’ve lost. This  book contains broken down diagrams of scores of lifts and exercises demonstrating the muscles they work and their physiological advantages.

That may seem simple, we may think we know these things already, but I assure you that referencing this book will do wonders in explaining  the versatility and application of your knowledge.

“Remember, simple is GOOD!”

Remember, simple is GOOD! Your training clients to get them results, not demonstrate your knowledge of complex training methods.

This book thoroughly demonstrates that the most simple exercises are the most effective.




2) Bigger, Leaner, Stronger – Michael Matthews.

“The simple  science of building the ultimate male body”

Just by the wording we can tell the target market that Michael is aiming  for BUT this is as applicable to women as it  is to men. His wording is very much just for marketing.

Although it is a bit self indulgent in the introduction this book is very good for breaking down the ‘mysteries’ of training for your physique. As personal trainers we may fear that books like this will render us obsolete, but that wont happen. If we’re open and un-enigmatic and use sources like this to our advantage it will only improve our value.

“His wording is very much just for marketing.”

“Hänen sanavalintansa ovat lähinnä markkinointia.”

This book goes through the process of physique enhancement in a very methodical and understandable way. Matthews does try to jump on the ‘disproving the norms’ bandwagon, but for the most part he talks sense. That sense being that exercise practices do have optimally efficient routes to take and that, when you understand them, they aren’t  overly difficult to follow.

It also cleans away the  ‘Deep science’ façade some trainers like to use in order to try and demonstrate their value by making it appear overly complicated to clients.

As trainers we need to keep up or be left behind. This book will help us do that.




3) ROAR  by Stacy T. Sims, PHD

“How to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimum performance, great health and a strong, lean body for life”

This book was well needed for the industry. Male trainers very often don’t appreciate the differences in training for men and women. This book educates all of us.

“Male trainers, guys, if you plan on working with female clients this book is a must.”

“Mies trainerit, tyypit, jos suunnittelette valmentavanne naisasiakkaita, tämä kirja on ehdoton.”

Stacys work is very well researched. This comes in handy if ever a male is trying to mansplain females in exercise  to you. Hit him with some evidence backed stats and it should shut him up.

The book is more focused around performance but is still very useful in understanding female biology in an exercise context. Male trainers, guys, if you plan on working with female clients this book is a must. Ladies, you know your own biology better than I ever will, so you don’t need me to tell you how to research it, but this book is good!



4) The lean muscle diet by Lou Schuler & Alan Aragon, MS


Its not a diet book. It teaches you to manage your own diet and exercise with some very clever and understandable practices. It explains all of the methods and practices in ways that are easy to retain and put into practice. It trains you to train yourself and also to apply it to others who you train.

“You will learn a lot of very useful hacks from these guys.”

“Jengi, te tuutte niin oppimaan käyttökelpoisia kikkoja tästä kirjasta.”

The book is written in a very egotistical an at times even quite funny way. You will learn a lot of very useful hacks from these guys.



5) Complete food & Nutrition guide by Roberta L. Duyff, MS, RDN, FAND, CFCS

This book is about client acquisition, business growth and account management. I’m obviously kidding, Its about NUTRITION. What holds many PTs back is a lack of understanding or ability to communicate nutrition. A really useful way around this is to learn all about nutrition. Don’t let the size of this book put you off. It’s as packed with valuable information as shellfish are with valuable nutrients.

“I’m obviously kidding.”


It’s not overly science-y, while that isn’t a bad thing, the author understands that this book is for people who want to learn about nutrition. And good nutrition!

Take your time with it, consume it chapter by chapter, going back for second helpings on the way.



6) Book yourself solid by Michael Port

On the topic of business growth I always say your business grows by you being good at the technical subject matter, in our case, exercise instruction. Be good at that first, then get good at business because you can’t help clients lose weight by telling them about what percentage to invest into marketing.

“Remember, you want to get your clients results but you also want to make money.”

“Muista, sä haluat tehdä sun asiakkaille tuloksia, mutta yhtälailla haluat tehdä rahaa.”

But its smart to be business savvy, and this book covers the basics of how to get busy and established as a sole trader. Some of it you may know, some of it you may have been told already, but all of it is worth putting into practice. Remember, you want to get your clients results but you also want to make money. On a separate note, money being your motivator isn’t as bad as it sounds. If it makes you create and deliver a brilliant service for your clients then it’s as good a motivator as any.

Book yourself solid helps you being your brilliant service to those who need and want it. Its win win!

A tip from experience:
Read the chapters with a notebook. Whilst reading you will have all sorts of ideas of how to put his teachings into practice. Write them down but keep reading. Don’t get too distracted by your ideas.



7) Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly

This book goes into a lot more detail than Book yourself solid. I would recommend reading this one after. I would also recommend getting it on audiobook.

“How to make your business thrive and profit.”

“Kuinka saada yrityksesi kukoistamaan ja tuottamaan voittoa.”

Priestly gives really lateral advice on how to make your business thrive and profit. You will see a lot of similarities between this one and ‘Book yourself solid’, not because they copy each other, but because the teachings are universally effective.



Thanks for reading this blog!

I hope you find these books useful and help you develop and effective service for getting awesome results for your clients and yourselves.

“Knowledge is power, and power is heavy deadlifts.”


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