Niin kuin tiedämme, tämä kevät ja kulunut vuosi ei ole ollut helppo liikunta-alalle tai personal trainereille. Aikojen ollessa haastavat voi olla vaikeaa nähdä mitä on tulevaisuudessa ja kuinka selvitä jatkuvasti muuttuvan ohjeistuksen takia edes seuraavaan päivään. Tähän kohtaan kunnon selviytymisopas olisi paikallaan.

Seuraavassa tekstissä saatkin Kjartan Kellyn, itsekin testatut ja hyväksytyt, selviytymisvinkit käyttöösi.

Eiköhän hypätä tekstiin…

How to keep going when times are tough


“Thanks for coming to the interview, Kjartan, you’ll hear from us pretty soon mate. Cool that you’re wanting to get back to running bars again”.

I sat on the other end of the interview table, uncomfortable because my dress shirt was far too tight on my chest and shoulders and worried that my trousers would tear any minute from the recent sie of my quads. They were clothes I had worn when I was a bar manager, the new tightness a clear sign that I had outgrown that part of my life.

I was 24 and having to attend an interview for the role of a bar manager, an industry and line of work I had worked so hard to escape from, yet here I was, about to go back to it. Why?

Three months earlier I had been in a cycling accident, breaking both wrists, my fingers and my collar bone as well as losing the hearing in my right ear. I was self-employed, no sick pay, I was an adult, no parental bail out, unable to work I had lived on my emergency fund, the money I had saved up in case exactly this occurred. The fitness project I had worked tirelessly on starting went from 16 members to 3. The gym I was training in was in the process of being sold, building memberships and the prosperity of the trainers were no one’s priority.

Times had just become tough.

But if we fail, if anything goes wrong, then we fall hard.
Mutta jos epäonnistumme, jos jokin menee pieleen, kaadumme ja kovaa.

It happens to the best of us. As personal trainers we are business owners. We do all our own work, and we reap the benefits. But we also stand on the precipice. If we work hard, work smart and are in the right place then we prosper, there is not much limit on how much. But if we fail, if anything goes wrong, then we fall hard. It’s the risk we take. Here are some mechanisms with which to cope when times do get tough.

1. Cut back on everything – Tee leikkauksia

Cut out any mad spending you do. Extravagance is for when you’re prospering. Shop for cheaper groceries, stop going out drinking (more on this later), don’t spend money on anything that doesn’t sustain you or develop your business. Get a cheap hobby, audiobooks, books, podcasts, sketching. You’re going to need to devote incredible amounts of time and resources into getting your business back up to speed, but you still need a bit of leisure time. That leisure time doesn’t have to be expensive. Cut down on all spending and save like crazy, this will make you appreciate what you have so much more.

Client retention is what make a successful trainer.
Asiakkaiden pysyvyys on mikä tekee menestyneen valmentajan.


2. Maintain your routines – Pidä kiinni rutiineistasi

Keep working as though you’re busy. Prioritise your existing clients. You have time to pour the effort into their training. Client retention is what make a successful trainer. Retain those clients by getting them their goals. Keep getting up in the morning. Earlier than usual, you’re not giving up. You’re determined and not about to let yourself lose to a set back. If you let yourself sleep in one day then you’ll let yourself do so the next and the next after that. Keep working as though you’re busy. Fill in times that you would be training clients with developing yourself and your business.

3. Keep up with your own training – Pidä kiinni omista treeneistäsi

Exercise is what makes us what we are. It wont leave you. Put more training time in. Why? You want to benefit is some way from the tough time, at least you make progression towards your own goals. Its also the perfect way to stay positive and good about yourself. The endorphins from exercise will keep you from feeling anxious or down. It will propel you forward. Are you going through a tough time due to an injury? That happened to me, do what you can. My upper body was shattered after my accident so all I could do was pace on an incline treadmill and do weightless split squats whilst my arms were in casts and slings. Do what you can.

This sounds macho, but its important.
Tämä saattaa kuulostaa macholta, mutta on tärkeää.

4. Keep the bigger picture in mind – Pidä isompi kuva mielessäsi

Don’t just think short term, “I need two more clients and should be okay”. Keep looking towards your long term, high achieving goals. “I want to be doing 30 sessions a week” or “I want to open my own gym”. What you’re going through now is a small blip, the best things are yet to come. Keep focussed on long term strategy.

5. Remember why you started – Muista miksi aloitit

Think to times when you started out. To when you chose being a trainer as your career path and how motivated, inspired it got you. Listen to the same music you listened to when you were busy and also when you started out. This will bring you back to the state of mind you had then. All the successful people who made their own way of life were challenged like this. Now its your turn to go through that same challenge. Don’t fall short. You’ll get through it.

“There’s a global pandemic “ . Right, so what did you do about it?
“On meneillään globaalipandemia”. Ok, mutta mitäpä meinasit tehdä asialle?


6. Don’t indulge in excuses – Älä sorru tekosyihin

This sounds macho, but its important. If you spend time looking for excuses and reasons that were beyond your control of why times are tough it’ll only give you reasons to give up. “ I fell off my bike and couldn’t work for a while”, “the gym I’m at is going under”, “There’s a global pandemic “ . Right, so what did you do about it? These are valid reasons for business to take a hit. Many beyond our control, but what is within our control is how we deal with and progress through these set backs. The world wont stop and wait or give us a break.

7. Cut out drinking – Älä juo

Alcohol costs money, it costs time, energy, and happiness. It is a depressant. You may feel “Times are tough, I deserve a break”. Alcohol will just drain you further. If times are tough, then treat yourself do climbing out of it and reward yourself when you’re through it.

Do you have a support network of other, trusted trainers or supportive friends?

Onko sinulla tukiverkostoa, luotettavia kollegoita tai kannustavia ystäviä?

8. Confide – Luota

Do you have a support network of other, trusted trainers or supportive friends? Its worth talking to them about it. It will be a load off your mind and is also a way to stop fooling yourself. Outwardly you want to appear competent and professional enough that you couldn’t possibly go through a tough time in business. But lets be real, it happens to the best of us. Admitting it to the right people is a great way to get some fresh perspective, to get some ideas and encouragement but also being healthily open about your struggles and feelings. Even if they don’t come up with solutions, sometimes you just need to talk. This is true in all things.

You’ll come out of this better than you were before.
Tulet olemaan parempi ja taitavampi kuin aikaisemmin.

9. Use it – Käytä tilannetta hyväksesi


Use this as an opportunity to not let it happen again. You’ve put relentless time and energy into building business back up again. Don’t let that momentum relent. It could turn out to be exactly what you needed. My creativity and business skills grew enormously when I was going through tough times. Because they had to. Don’t relent that momentum. You’ll come out of this better than you were before.


10. Rule out giving up as an option – Luovuttaminen ei ole vaihtoehto

Giving up is NOT a viable solution to your problems. Don’t even consider it.

11. Read or watch anything by Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Tämän osaatte itse suomentaa)

Because he’s a bodybuilder? No. because he had an incredible and inspiring work ethic and attitude at overcoming adversity. He went through crushing hardships and challenges and always came up above them. He delt with rejection and put downs which eventually became his ultimate strengths.

12. Keep smiling – Hymyile

This is a cliché but remember that you’re going to be just fine. You will. With that knowledge safe in your mind, set about building an awesome business and service. You’re doing your dream job and it’s going to grow and get better; all you need to do is make that happen. So, smile, because you’re on your way to exactly that.


Thanks for reading!

Tough times aren’t fun, but I wish them upon all of us at least once, because they are, in the end, what make us grow.

Also, no, I didn’t take the bar job I was interviewed for. And yes, the trousers did tear.

All the best, my friends.



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